i360 Sewer Diversion – Brighton Seafront

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i360 Sewer Diversion


Mackley Construction


The construction of the i360 – Brighton and Hove’s 170m high viewing tower and major visitor attraction – involved diverting Southern Water’s main 5’ diameter combined sewer, which serves the City and runs along the seafront’s Lower Promenade.

The project involved the construction of four (4) manholes and 130m of new 1600mm diameter sewer – the live cut-in to the existing sewer was fraught with risk and achieved using large inflatable bungs with a bypass pipe through the middle to divert the flow into the new sewer and then back into the existing sewer whilst the two manholes were built.  The construction of the two in-line manholes and installation/removal of the bungs can be seen on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibfpViImVnw


24 Weeks